Walter Payton Painting

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Walter Payton Painting Prints

Walter Payton was either your worst enemy or your hero. He is probably the greatest football player in history to eyes of many Chicago Bears fans and the 1985 Super Bowl Championship teammates he led to victory time and time again. His ferocity on the field by brute strength, blazing speed, and agility has never been seen again.He would leave the crowd cheering till their voices gave out and his opponents cringed every time he touched the pig skin.

The force of nature behind Walter Payton was a mix of natural born talent and many hard hours of training and practicing. Capturing this mythical and yet very real phenomenon is not easy. It took Paul 4 months to sketch out his ideas and get the oil on the canvas until it took on a life of its own, just like Walter. The combination of blues, oranges, and deep purples look like a storm is heading towards you and there is no chance to dodge it. The original  3′ X 5′ Walter Payton oil painting that Paul created hung proudly in the Walter Payton Roundhouse museum for years and ever since then his giclee lithograph prints of this Chicago fan favorite continues to fill the walls of Walter’s many fans. Whether you hang this 14″ X 20″ print in a bedroom, mancave, basement, bar, or office; you will be adding greatness and something unique to your sports memorabilia collection. If you are looking for a fun and unique gift for your favorite Chicago Bears or Walter Payton fan, look no further. Order a Walter Payton painting today!

Walter Payton Painting